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69.430.204 UFO Racing Kette KMC

12-fach, Ultra-Fast Optimised Chain
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Marke: ceramicspeed
Hersteller-Nr.: 109770
EAN-Code: 5711050092529
The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain KMC 12s is compatible with all 12 speed group sets from SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo. The chain offers a 600km/370 miles optimization life and retains a high level of efficiency in all conditions. This CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain gives 2-5 watts of savings against traditional lubricants. As all other CeramicSpeed products, this chain is optimized by hand in Denmark. Riding in wet conditions will shorten the optimization life. Includes KMC Quick Link for simple installation/removal. The chain has 126 links.